About The Inventors

GolfCartDog K9Caddy® By M3b, LLC

"Necessity is the Mother of Invention"

On a personal note…

I’ve always been passionate about dogs, which is why, many years ago I became involved in animal rescue as a volunteer, primarily helping to socialize and train shelter dogs, fostering and helping local rescues find good homes for their animals. From age 14 to age 50, I had gone through 4 hip surgeries, 2 hip replacements, degenerative disc disease, arthritis, diabetes and lung cancer. Cancer free now but as time passed and my breathing (COPD) worsened, it was rare my dogs got the chance to go for walks. Although we have a fenced in yard, the dogs love to get out and explore all the new scents and sounds, and I enjoy watching them have a good time.

After adopting another dog, we now had 3 very high energy dogs of our own. Our K9Caddy® was invented because I felt guilty that I couldn’t walk my dogs as much as they liked. With three strong dogs, I was doing well to walk one at a time around the block a couple of times a week. Now my 3 dogs get to walk at least 1-2 miles a day (weather permitting) and I get to be there to watch them have fun! To me, that’s HUGE!

I love being able to take an active role in helping to keep them active, to be there to witness their playful antics up close instead of being confined to a bench at a hot dog park. It’s not about being lazy, it’s about being able to spend quality time with them and taking a more active role in keeping them happy and healthy.


How it began…

The idea was born when I saw a man trying to walk his dog with his golf cart at a campsite. My 1st thought was he should be holding the leash on the other side of the cart instead of having his dog on the oncoming traffic side. My concern quickly turned to fear when I saw his little dog dart in front of the cart. He wasn’t hurt but very well could have been.

When I returned home, I searched the internet for devices that attach to golf carts that could help aid in walking dogs, but to no avail. They had them for bicycles, scooters, and even ATVs but nothing for Golf Carts. The closest thing I could find was a device that hooked to an ATV, placing the dog in front of the vehicle. The animal had little to no free movement and would be forced to move forward, unable to stop moving unless the vehicle stopped moving which wouldn’t work as well for leisurely walkabouts.

The idea for our K9Caddy® was clear. We then went in search for the perfect materials that would be Adjustable, Durable, Flexible, Strong and Cost-Efficient. In testing, we clocked in over 300 miles with positive results. We knew we had something EXTRA Special when on almost every walk, people would stop their car to video or shoot a photo! Countless thumbs up and kudos from passersby! We decided to Patent our device and move forward in the hopes of sharing our invention with the world!

About our K9Caddy®

The adjustable leash allows for freedom of movement, enabling them to slow down, speed up or just sniff around. Always allow the dog to set the pace. The leashes that attach to the dog’s harness are to be adjusted properly before each outing, to where the dog’s nose reaches no further forward than rear of the front tire, preventing your dog from moving in front of the vehicle and being run over by the cart. The K9Caddy® is strong yet flexible, providing a smoother walking experience by absorbing the shock of jerky starts and stops. It mounts to the passenger side, keeping your dog away from oncoming traffic and passing cars!

Always have your dog/dogs in sight as you’re walking or running them. Never go faster than your slowest dog. As with any new device, there’s a small learning curve. Within minutes, you can train any dog to walk, jog or run alongside your Golf Cart or ATV. Now, walking the Pack is Safe and Effortless!

A Fun Way to Give Your Pet the Exercise they Require & Desire!


  • Created for those who can no longer physically walk their animals due to health issues, age, the number of dogs or for whatever reason.
  • It’s a Safe and Easy way for ANYBODY with access to a Golf cart or an ATV with roof mounts to walk and run their dog/dogs in an urban setting.
  • Creates bonding time & promotes the good mental health of both driver & pet.
  • Can be used with a pet sling to help aid in physical therapy.
  • Can be used to run dogs at their desired speed in a controlled manner. Most of us wouldn’t be able to keep up on foot.
  • Can be used to walk a dog that pulls too hard on your joints.
  • Recommended to exercise 1-3 dogs.
  • Perfect for Dog Walking businesses, Pet Rescues who have multiple dogs to walk, resort and retirement communities that are golf cart friendly, RV golf carting, can even be used in K9 agility training.
K9 Safety Systems for golf carts

Golf Cart Dog “K9Caddy®” & K9 CoPilot™
By M3b, LLC
Charleston, SC
(843) 647-1999