Dog Leashes Myrtle BeachAre you planning for a Myrtle Beach vacation with your family? All of you probably feel excited as you prepare your itinerary. Being a golf mecca, you probably want to visit the different golf courses in Myrtle Beach. But the thought of leaving behind your furry companion makes things a little less exciting. There’s no reason not to bring your dog, however, thanks to the myriad of dog-friendly golf courses you can find. Knowing that your dog can join the trip, keep reading to learn how you can get the most of your Myrtle Beach vacation with golfing and your dog in mind.

1) Choose the right place to stay

One of the best things about Myrtle Beach is that it’s home to several hotels that welcome pets. Not to mention, you also have plenty of budget options including motels and inns. These accommodation options can be found near golf courses, so you shouldn’t have any problems hitting the tee anytime you wish. It pays to do some research before you book a hotel. Make a shortlist and then call each one by one. Ask whether they can accommodate pets aside from inquiring about the cost of their rooms.

2) Hit the beach

Of course, you wouldn’t want to miss the wonderful beach and have a relaxing time under the sun. Sure enough, your dog will have a fantastic time as well. Digging trenches, running around aimlessly, and playing fetch are just a few things your dog can enjoy at the beach. Just be sure that your dog doesn’t drink seawater.

3) Golf time

Myrtle Beach is also known for its outstanding golf courses. It’s recommended to research which ones welcome pets. A dog leash is a must-have. Even if your dog is already familiar with golf courses, he might have trouble adapting to a completely new one. Worry not about this problem by getting a K9Caddy®. These dog leashes Myrtle Beach let you bring your dog to a golf course without any hassle. The leash comes with a flexible arm that attaches behind the front seat. Using this, you can rest easy knowing that your dog won’t wreak havoc or disturb other players.

4) Visit dog parks

If you want to give your dog more freedom, then be sure to visit dog parks. You won’t run out of choices at Myrtle Beach. It’s time to free your dog from its leash and allow it to run and play. Most of the parks are full of owners of both big and small dogs, so your furry companion should be able to meet some new friends along the way.

Your Myrtle Beach vacation can be extra special for you and your dog. Just make sure that you prepare well beforehand and bring necessary items like dog leashes Myrtle Beach. You’d be thankful for getting the K9Caddy® because it will allow you to enjoy the wonderful golf courses without worrying about any ill-mannered behavior from your dog. You can bet that the other golfers will appreciate your efforts as well.