Dog Leashes Myrtle Beach

Dog Leashes Myrtle BeachWhen searching for unique Dog Leashes Myrtle Beach, consider K-9 Caddy from Golf Cart Dog. We make these incredibly strong, durable, flexible and adjustable Dog Leashes Myrtle Beach that attach to golf carts and ATV vehicles.

Our unique Dog Leashes Myrtle Beach enable dogs to run at their own pace while tethered alongside the vehicle. Not sure how this works? If you would like to see an actual video of how our dog leashes can be beneficial to your dog lover.

You may also call our offices directly at 843-647-1999 to speak with one of our knowledgeable representatives that can answer you questions and help you to place your order.

If you have a loved one that is finding it more and more difficult to walk their dogs due to health conditions such as COPD, cardiac issues, hip or knee joint issues, back problems, arthritis or other malady, we may have exactly what you have been searching for.

Golf Cart Dog Leash System For Profesional Dog Walkers

Our unique K-9 Caddy attaches to a golf cart or ATV in such a way that it prevents animals from going past the front tire. When used correctly, there is no way that your animal can get tangled or run in front of the vehicle. This is a great way that our specific Dog Leashes Myrtle Beach can enable your loved one to walk their dog or dogs. Our Dog Leashes Myrtle Beach are for 1-3 dogs.

This can bring years of enjoyment to your dog. They will have free range of motion without having the ability to get in front of the golf cart or ATV. They can slow down, speed up and move about freely and not be hindered in any way. What a great way to give your dog the exercise they need and desire. The object is to go no faster than your slowest dog.

Custom Dog Leashes in Myrtle Beach

Our Dog Leashes Myrtle Beach were designed and created because we found that elderly or disabled persons were unable to walk their dogs due to their own health issues. It can even be used with a pet sling for animals that require physical therapy. If you have a large dog and you are unable to walk them because they will overpower you, this is your solution!

Check out the above website and see one of our K-9 caddy’s in motion. You will be amazed at how well it works. You will also be amazed at how energizing it can be for your animals to truly get out in the fresh air and run. This is also great for people that don’t have fenced in yards where dogs can run freely.

Please call Golf Cart Dog today at 843-647-1999 and place your order. What a great holiday gift as well. Give your dogs the ability to get the exercise they need while you sit in your vehicle. After all, we are the solution to your dog walking difficulties. Get one for yourself and one for your loved one.