Dog Leashes OcalaThe pet industry has seen incredible growth over the past couple of decades. Pet-related products enjoy a significant sales boost each year to the tune of a 5.4% average increase since 2002. At the same time, however, the number of players in golf courses are declining. Simply put, the supply of golf courses is much higher than the supply of golfers. This has prompted golf clubs to implement new strategies such as night golf, discount rates for nine holes, and pet-friendly golf courses.

Since many golfers also own pets, many golf courses now welcome pets of all sizes. Of course, each golf course has its own set of unique rules when it comes to bringing your furry companion. If you’ve always wanted to take your dog with you while golfing, now is the best time to get started. But you should know how your dog must behave in a golf course to ensure that he wouldn’t bother you and the other players.

Many golf courses require dogs to be leashed at all times. As you probably know, it’s hard to control the natural instincts of dogs. If it’s your dog’s first time in a golf course, he might show some ill-mannered behaviors such as chasing other wildlife, digging the greens, or running toward other golfers. Of course, there’s the problem of pee and dogpile.

An easy solution to this is to invest in quality dog leashes Ocala. You wouldn’t want any ordinary dog leash when bringing your dog to a golf course. Since you’d be moving around a lot, it’s best to get a leash that mounts on your golf cart. The K9Caddy® does exactly this and more. This revolutionary dog leash has allowed golfers to enjoy their time at the tee without worrying about their dogs. It slides easily behind the front passenger seat and comes with an adjustable lead so you can give more freedom of movement to your dog.

You should also be considerate of other golfers every time you take your dog to the golf course. Remember that even if dogs are generally viewed as man’s best friend, not all people may be fond of them. Some people even have a fear of dogs, so you wouldn’t want yours to run up toward them and strike fear in their hearts.

If your dog tends to bark a lot, then you might want to reconsider this idea altogether. Making a lot of noise in a golf course will inevitably result in the distraction of other players. The last thing you want is for someone to flare up in anger after your dog barks loud in the middle of a backswing.

While it’s exciting to bring your dog to a golf course, you should be well prepared for all the things that could happen. Some obedience training may be necessary, especially if you have a rather wild one in your hands. It’s also highly recommended to invest in dog leashes Ocala like the K9Caddy® as they make a world of difference in terms of keeping your dog in check throughout your time in the golf course.