Dog Leashes Ocala

Dog Leashes OcalaWhen searching for unique Dog Leashes Ocala, consider K-9 Caddy by Golf Cart Dog. We provide a dog leash that attaches to golf carts and ATV vehicles to enable those adults with health issues to still be able to walk their dogs.

If you have a loved one that is elderly, has health issues such as arthritis, COPD, cardiac disease, hip or knee joint issues, back disc disease or other malady, they can still walk their dogs using our dog leashes.

Our Dog Leashes Ocala connect to the vehicle in such a way that the animal is prohibited from running in front of the vehicle. Each unit is recommended for 1-3 animals. It can even be used with a sling if your dog requires physical therapy!

Ocala Specialty Dog Leashes

If you or your loved one does not have a fenced in backyard where your dog can truly run and exercise their muscles and you are permitted to use golf carts or ATV vehicles in your community for short trips, you must check out our Dog Leashes Ocala.

For more information or if you would like to see a video of our K-9 Caddy in motion made by Gold Cart Dog, you may simply click on the attached link You may also call our office directly at 843-647-1999 to speak with one of our representatives that can answer any questions you may have.

What a wonderful and considerate gift this would make for someone you know that has difficulty walking their dogs due to their own health issues. All you need is a golf cart or ATV.

These Dog Leashes Ocala are strong, durable, flexible and adjustable. They are cost-efficient and can add years of enjoyment for your dogs. Plus, it is so much safer than trying to manually walk 1 or more large dogs at the same time.

By attaching our K-9 Caddy to the golf cart we found that dogs were able to safely get their exercise routine accomplished while their owner sat comfortably in their vehicle. Of course, the object is to not go any faster than your slowest dog.

You will see that your dog or dogs have free range of motion without having the ability to get in front of the golf cart. It is safe, effective and provides a great means of exercise for the animals.

Custom Dog Leashes in Ocala

These unique Dog Leashes Ocala were created because we found that elderly or disabled persons were unable to walk their dogs due to their own health issues. So, K-9 Caddy can be the solution to your dog walking problems. Everybody gets out for fresh air and the animals get the exercise they require for muscle strength. Its truly a win-win product!

Call Golf Cart Dog today at 843-647-1999 and ask how you too can order our K-9 Caddy unique Dog Leashes Ocala. You will be excited to hook it up and watch as your dogs enjoy the ability to run, walk and trot with ease. Call today!