Dog Leashes Palm DesertAre dogs and golf two of the most precious things in your life? If you answered yes, then you’re in good company. Tons of golfers out there are dog owners, too. And as you probably know, it’s sometimes difficult to balance your time between the two and all the other things you need to do every day. Thankfully, there are a few fun activities you can set up easily for you and your furry companion. Ready to get started? Keep reading and you just might find the next activity to do with your dog.

1) Puppy Golf

Of course, there’s no better way to get started than by playing your favorite sport while giving your dog a taste of the action. You can set up a puppy golf course in your backyard, hallway, or even in your living room. Just be sure you have plenty of space as you’d need to set up plenty of holes to make things that much more exciting.

You can use paper cups or bowls as your holes. Tape them in place to ensure they wouldn’t move when the golf balls pass through. Speaking of golf balls, make sure you use something large enough that wouldn’t allow your dog to swallow them. Lastly, prepare some treats so you can give something to your dog every time your dog moves a ball into a cup.

2) Golf Course Date

If you’ve tried puppy golf several times, you may want to consider bringing your dog to an actual golf course. Just make sure that the golf course is dog-friendly. Also, remember that a golf course is unfamiliar territory for your dog, so it’s best to get dog leashes Palm Desert so you wouldn’t have to worry about your dog running around and ruining the experience of other golfers.

The K9Caddy® is the single most important golf accessory you can buy if you’re bringing your dog to a golf course. This one-of-a-kind dog leash mounts behind the passenger seat of your golf cart, giving you a great view of your dog every time you hit the road. Using dog leashes Palm Desert is an excellent way to allow your dog to get used to a new environment. After some training, you might be able to free it from the leash and turn it into a golf course dog.

3) Golf Marathon

Now this one might sound strange, but it can actually be a whole lot of fun. After several hours of playing time under its belt, your dog might start enjoying televised golf. This makes for an excellent activity that combines the best of both worlds—watching your favorite golfers battle it out while snuggling with your best friend. This is a low-key activity that should work wonders if you and your dog needs a bit of downtime.

As you can see, it isn’t all that difficult to enjoy the two things you love most. With the necessary preparations such as picking the right size of golf balls and getting your hands on a good quality dog leash like the K9Caddy®, you’re all set to let your dog enter the fun world of golfing.