Dog Leashes Palm Desert

Dog Leashes Palm DesertGolf Cart Dog is a company that makes unique Dog Leashes Palm Desert. Our K-9 Caddy is unique in that it attaches to golf carts and ATV vehicles so you can walk your dogs without having to hold their leash. These Dog Leashes Palm Desert physically attached to the vehicle in such as way that safely your 1-3 animals can walk, run and trot alongside the cart.

It is a professional dog walking leash that attaches for safety and health of the dog. If you are or know of someone that has dogs that need to be walked or exercised our product is perfect! These particular Dog Leashes Palm Desert were created because we found that elderly or disabled persons were unable to walk their dogs due to their own health issues.

Palm Desert Specialty Dog Leashes

If you know a dog owner that suffers from arthritis, back issues, hip or knee joint issues, COPD, cardiac health issues or other malady, this is your solution to dog walking inabilities. If you would like to see our K-9 Caddy in use, you may do so by simply clicking on the attached link It is easy to hook up and easy to use. Just drive as fast as your slowest dog.

What a fun and safe way to give your dogs the ability to run, walk and trot with ease. Each unit is adjustable, durable, flexible and strong. It is cost-efficient and can add years of enjoyment for your dogs as well as the owner. Your dogs can slow down and speed up and move about freely and not be hindered in any way.

Our Dog Leashes Palm Desert can be the solution to the problem of giving your dogs the fresh air and exercise they need for a healthy and enriching lifestyle.

If you would like to speak with one of our representatives, please call directly to 843-647-1999. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding our K-9 Caddy made by Golf Cart Dog. This makes a great considerate gift for someone you know that may have challenges in walking their dogs whether the animal is too big for their owner’s stature or the owner may have dexterity or other health issues.

Custom Dog Leashes in Palm Desert

Now that the holiday season is almost here, think about who on your list has a golf cart or ATV that may need a product such as the K-9 Caddy. These Dog Leashes Palm Desert can truly change a dog’s life. And the ability for the driver to sit comfortably is also gratifying. Check it out on our website and you too will see how amazing and incredibly safe these dog leashes are.

Your dog owner will be the talk of the town when people see them drive by. Yes, to change the life of the dog, give the owner the gratification of providing a safe and effective walking experience you can count on K-9 Caddy Dog Leashes Palm Desert by Golf Cart Dog. Call today!