Dog Leashes Peachtree CityWouldn’t it be nice to have your dog gather golf balls? Not only would this make for a fun activity at home, but you can take advantage of your dog’s skills on the course as well. In fact, some golf clubs use golf course dogs to gather golfs and then resell them to golfers for cheap. Others, meanwhile, sell the golf balls found by dogs and give the profit to charity. It’s amazing how much a golf course dog can do, and you can have your very own if you know how to train.

Getting Started

It goes without saying that your dog can turn into a golf course dog much quicker if he already knows some basic and advanced commands. Ideally, your dog should exhibit excellent behavior even when roaming around freely. You’d want to make sure that it does its job without interfering other players.

If your dog only knows a few basic commands, then you have more of an uphill task. It’s not impossible though, especially if you have a lot of patience. A good way to get started is by getting dog leashesPeachtree City. This ensures that even if your dog isn’t the most well-mannered on the course, you can keep it in check as it takes time to get used to the new surroundings. The K9Caddy® should rank on top of your list if you want an easy-to-use and flexible dog leash that attaches to your golf cart.

Using the Clicker Method

The clicker method is used to train dogs to perform a variety of tasks. You can employ the same technique to train your dog to find golf balls. Even with little experience, you can find success with enough patience.

The first step is to give a golf ball to your dog and let it hold the ball in his mouth. Every time he does so, utter a keyword like “golf ball.” Do this several times and your dog should be able to associate the keyword to the ball. Whenever he takes the ball, click and give your dog a treat. The click prompts the dog to drop the golf ball because he knows a treat is coming.

After about a week of constant practice for 15 minutes a day, your dog should be used to recognizing golf balls and holding them in his mouth. Make sure you prepare a lot of treats so that your dog develops a positive interaction with this activity.

To make things more challenging, you can toss the ball far away and say the keyword. Your dog knows that it’s time to fetch the ball. Again, use the clicker and offer a treat for every successful fetch. You can gradually increase the number of balls to fetch.

Soon enough, you’ll find that your dog is more than ready for the golf course. It’s recommended to take things slow at first because your dog might get disturbed by the new environment. Again, you can opt for dog leashesPeachtree City like the K9Caddy®, which gives your dog freedom of movement without letting him roam aimlessly on the course.