Golf Cart Accessories Myrtle Beach

Golf Cart Accessories Myrtle BeachIf you’re an avid golfer, you know that your clubs aren’t the only precious items you care for. Your golf cart also deserves some much needed love and attention, especially when you consider the wear and tear it goes through. Thankfully, there’s a huge selection of golf cart accessories Myrtle Beach, most of which are geared toward functionality. You can even get accessories that make your life easier when you hit the greens with your dogs. Here’s a quick rundown of the must-have golf cart accessories.

1) Light kits

An increasing number of golf clubs now offer night golfing. This has been a huge hit among golfers, particularly those who have day jobs. The golf cart light kit category is so popular for this very reason. In this category, you have the option of choosing between street legal and non-street legal styles. LED and halogen type lightbulbs dominate the market. Manufacturers have also released light kits that mimic the style and function of automotive style headlights for golf carts.

2) Covers

There’s nothing more frustrating than getting wet while riding your golf cart. The good news is that you can get a golf cart cover for relatively cheap, allowing you to use your trusty companion in all kinds of weather. Another advantage is that most of these covers can be installed within minutes. You don’t even need and sort of building skills.

3) Dog leashes

Now here’s an accessory that proves immensely useful for golfers who love bringing their dogs to the golf course. You can now get your hands on dog leashes that mounts on your golf cart. One of the best on the market right now is the K9Caddy®. This unique dog leash is equipped with a flexible arm and an adjustable lead, giving your dog the freedom it needs to enjoy the greens just as much as you do.

4) Lift kits

Golf cart owners have become infatuated with lift kits since their inception. You absolutely need these lift kits if you want to upgrade to bigger wheels or you need to drive over rougher terrain. Take note that lift kits are made for different applications, so be sure to consult an expert to help you make the right decision.

5) Tires and wheels

If you want to change the look and feel of your golf cart, the best place to start is by changing its tires and wheels. The limitless selection of custom wheels and tires for cars carry over to golf carts, with more and more manufacturers entering the scene. Size is the single most important factor to consider. Make sure you get the right size that fits your cart.

Dog Leashes in Myrtle Beach

There’s a ton of golf cart accessories Myrtle Beach, but you’d do yourself a favor by starting with the ones listed here. They give you the best bang for your buck while ensuring that your cart gets a radical makeover and making it pet-friendly at the same time. Don’t forget to choose from a reputable provider to enjoy quality and long-lasting accessories.

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