Golf Cart Sales Isle of the PalmsWhen searching for the best in Golf Cart Sales Jame’s Island, consider Charleston Golf Cart Rentals. We are not just rentals as we now offer new and refurbished golf carts for sale.

After driving in one of our golf carts, you will wonder how you ever traveled without one. They operate with ease, travel at up to 18 miles an hour and give you that open-air feeling that is so invigorating.

After driving in one of our golf carts you will be inspired to own one. Look, if you currently live in a gated community, chances are you are permitted to drive within the limits in a golf cart. You know, golf carts are not just for golfing anymore!

They operate with ease, are quiet, and offer you the ability to get into smaller spaces for parking. If you have a loved one that has difficulty ambulating, this can truly be a godsend. 

Our Golf Cart Sales Jame’s Island are just what you have been searching for. If you would like to learn more about Charleston Golf Cart Rentals or are interested in a purchase by contacting our division for Golf Cart Sales Jame’s Island, simply click on the attached link Charleston Golf Cart Rentals – Folly Beach Golf Cart Rentals/Repair. Charleston Golf Cart Rentals has 2 locations for you to choose from.

Custom Golf Carts in Jame’s Island

Our family- owned business has been providing excellence in product, sales and service for over 15 years. We have built our reputation on providing our clients beautiful golf carts that offer quiet and dependable mobility. Use them for shopping, dining out, transporting to the beach and so much more.

Many of our customers have purchased our golf carts for golfing as well! Our Golf Cart Sales Jame’s Island are a quick and inexpensive way to travel about the area and helps you to enjoy the great outdoors.

We still provide golf cart rentals for those on vacation, class reunions, corporate events, weddings, and other occasions as well. We also offer a multiple unit rental discount too. 

If you have been contemplating purchasing a golf cart our Golf Cart Sales Jame’s Island is just what you have been searching for. In fact, we can even customize your golf cart. Give us a call today at 843 225-7433 and let us help you to purchase your first golf cart. You will be happy you did.

If you will notice as you travel through Charleston, South Carolina, you may come across our golf cart ambulance. We are always on the road to help those in need with flat tires or other problems. This enables us to reach your vehicle in speedy reply to your call for service. 

Charleston Golf Cart Rental has made an impact on the lives of those that enjoy using a golf cart as their second mode of transportation. We can help you choose a unit that will get you outdoors to enjoy the sights and adventure. 

Call for Golf Cart Sales Jame’s Island today at 843 225-7433.

We also handle Golf Cart Repairs! To inquire about this service, click here to learn more.