Golf Cart Dog K9Caddy®

By M3b, LLC

K9Caddy – Important Safety Precautions…

Patented Golf Cart Dog“K9Caddy®” is designed to only be used with a harness. Never attach our device to a dog’s collar. Always keep your animal in site when driving your cart. When carting with more than one animal, judge your cart speed by the slowest dog. Never go faster than your pet wants to go. Let your dog set the pace. Some dogs like to sprint while others may prefer a long, leisurely walk.

Always Drive Cautiously. Don’t make “sudden” right turns. Proceed slowly, keeping your dog in sight until the turn is completed. Gee and Haw are Voice commands for an animal to turn right or left. We suggest teaching your pet to give them a heads up that you’re about to change direction.

Although our flexible poles have a very high 114-827 MPa tensile strength, the K9Caddy® was designed for dogs who have some experience walking on a leash.

The “K9Caddy®” is designed to be mounted on the passenger side of the cart. This keeps your dogs away from oncoming traffic, passing cars and allows them to run on the grass if they choose to do so.

Warning: Failure to review and abide by these warnings could result in damage to the pole, your vehicle, and injury. We gladly provide the safety guidelines but it’s up to the driver to follow our instructions for the pet’s safety and enjoyment.

Easy to follow installation instructions included with your order!

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