Keith Mann

“Thank you for your prompt service. We received our K9Caddy® last week. Our dogs took to it right off. Great invention!”

Donna Nicholson

“<3 I absolutely LOVE my K9Caddy®!!!! My Great Dane loves getting exercise and my little toy poodle leads the way. My poodle is hooked to my Dane’s hook with a long leash and they are SO cute running with each other!”

Mike Finley

“I just recently bought one of these for my 1 year old black lab who always has a ton of energy. I started to use the K9Caddy® to take him for walks before we work on his training, and he’s always much more attentive after a good walk. This device made my life so much easier and my dog loves it!”


“Our Bella loves her K9Caddy® walks. I’m unable to exercise her as much as she requires and the caddy fits the bill completely!! Thank you for this wonderful product!!”

R. Hawkins

“This thing is amazing! We bought it from you last Sunday at Magnolia Plantation. It takes the worry out of walking my dog with our golf cart. Our dog Marty took to it right away. 5 minutes to install and adjust. Great purchase.”

Steve B

“This is wonderful! We used it last night with our ten month old yellow lab. She was able to run and run and run and run – much more than anyone in the family could keep up with minus a cart. Our three year old daughter thinks it’s the funniest thing ever!”

Robin M.

“It was extremely easy to install and worked perfectly! Gretel, our dog, loved being able to go for a walk and even a run! I couldn’t be more pleased! Your product has allowed us to improve the quality of our dog’s life. Before we were limited to depending upon others to walk our fur baby, but now we can take her any time she wants to go.
I plan to put the flyers and cards you sent in the main club house of our 55+ community to spread the word to others like us who need a solution to dog walking.
Thank again. I am so happy I found the K9Caddy® online. As soon as I get a good picture, I’ll email it off to you.

One Happy Customer here in Florida :)”

Suzie Fasoli

“My husband and I wanted a harness and tether for our dog in our RV because the thought of her being injured due to possible sudden stops was unacceptable. The quality and comfort of the harness was beyond our expectations. Our Molly can sleep and wander a bit comfortably and we know that she is tethered properly and safe. Thank you so much for understanding that quality matters for our fur babies!”

Tamara Williams

“Golf Cart Dog is a supporter of Animal Rescues! They offer superb quality products for dogs of all types. Safety is addressed in all of their wonderful products! Don’t hesitate in buying from this Awesome Company! Support Them…They certainly support us! Tamara; Eunoia Rescue”

Cynthia Heiskell

“Happened to see this at Woodstock…decided to try….marvelous to take my guys safely for a ride…”

B. Cassidy

“We were happy to find your seat tether online. Our Golden Retriever rides with us on our Polaris. The copilot keeps him secured to the seat next to me. Safer for him, less worry for me. Highly recommended.”

Vera Virchow

“I love the K9Caddy®. I use to have to have someone drive my cart while I held my dog and she would nearly rip my arm out of the socket. I can run her by myself now whenever she is ready. Love it!!!!!

Great company and friendly owners.”

BC Collins

“We highly recommend the K9Caddy® leash. Our dog took to it right away.”

Frank Kosinski

“The wife gave me one for Christmas. Best gift this year. Our GSD is 95 lbs and is a puller. This device is flexible and can handle him just fine. I thought there would be more training required but he took to it like a pro.”

Craig McDougald

“Your K9Caddy® is a huge problem solver.
Highly recommended for anyone who has trouble walking.”

Evelyn Greer

“Thank you, thank you, thank you for making a dog seatbelt for golf carts! Excellent design. Easy to use. Just bought another one to send to my dad for his elkhound.”