K9Caddy® & K9 CoPilot™

Safety Leash & Seat Restraint Systems


Our Vet Approved K9Caddy®

is PERFECT for walking 1-3 dogs at a time!

Your dogs will LOVE walking, trotting & running with the
Golf Cart Dog K9Caddy®!

Engineered specifically for Golf Carts.

Easily mounts to Golf Carts & most ATV’s. K9Caddy® caters to EVERYONE… Urban Golf Carters, Disabled or Elderly folks who may be unable to exercise their pets, people with multiple dogs to walk…

K9 CoPilot™ – TAKE TWO

Take Two
Pet Safety Options for Golf Carts & ATVs

The idea behind our design is to provide dog/dogs freedom of movement all while preventing them from moving in front of the tires as the vehicle moves forward. K9Caddy® mounts on the passenger side, keeping your dog away from oncoming traffic. The flexible arm helps to absorb shock, providing a comfortable experience for your dog, while the adjustable lead allows for more freedom of motion.

The K9Caddy® simply slides in behind the front seat of the cart, straps directly to the roof mounts and you’re ready to go! No drilling needed.


Quantity Discounts available.

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Move With Ease

You’ll love being able to effortlessly keep up with your dogs as they Walk – Trot – Run exploring the sights, scents & Enjoying their time with You! Although your dog sets the pace, you retain complete control! With safety being our priority, we are proud to announce that the K9Caddy® is Veterinarian approved!

If you have dogs and own a golf cart then the

K9Caddy® is for YOU!



Evelyn Greer

“Thank you, thank you, thank you for making a dog seatbelt for golf carts! Excellent design. Easy to use. Just bought another one to send to my dad for his elkhound.”

Craig McDougald

“Your K9Caddy® is a huge problem solver.
Highly recommended for anyone who has trouble walking.”

Frank Kosinski

“The wife gave me one for Christmas. Best gift this year. Our GSD is 95 lbs and is a puller. This device is flexible and can handle him just fine. I thought there would be more training required but he took to it like a pro.”